The Fertility Clinic Langenhagen-Wolfsburg MVZ has been supporting couples fulfilling their greatest wish for almost twenty years now. Founded in 1993 by Dr. Martina Müseler-Albers the Clinic soon established itself as one of the largest in Germany. Horst Peter Arendt joined the experienced team of doctors already in 1998, as did Dr. Thilo Schill in 2004. Besides, Dr. Wiebke Mogwitz (since 2008) and Dr. Vuk Jovanovic (since 2012) provide expert support, as do the further training assistants Dr. Christina Nardmann, and Dr. Franziska Piepenbrock (who both joined the team in 2014). Subsequent to the Clinic's conversion into a medical care center at the end of 2013, we were able to take Dr. Ulf Schröder on our team, a qualified and experienced specialist for internal medicine with points of emphasis in the internal endocrinology, andrology, and osteology. Moreover, our work has been enriched by the psycho-social counselling and support of our patients that qualified social worker Petra Kowalkowski has offered since 2014. The Fertility Clinic Langenhagen-Wolfsburg MVZ thus offers highly skilled and qualified support to successfully help patients with an unfulfilled desire to have children.