Hormone analyses

Various organs producing hormones may contribute to childlessness, especially the hypothalamus (the control centre for the vegetative nervous system in the brain), the hypophysis (pituitary gland), the ovaries, the thyroid and the adrenal glands.

In order to gather information about hormonal disorders it will be necessary to carry out blood tests and maybe hormonal investigations. While some blood tests can be carried out by your local gynaecologist, in the case of some hormonal disorders it may be advisable for you to come to our clinic on several occasions, since these irregularities can only be diagnosed during certain phases of the cycle.

Even though we are experts in hormone disorders and are often the first to diagnose them, for certain disorders (e.g. thyroid disease and severe metabolic disorders) it is possible that we may refer you initially to internists who are experts in these fields, so that you can be examined and treated by specialists in an interdisciplinary manner.