Monitoring your cycle

The next stage is the so-called control cycle, by means of which we can get an initial picture of the pattern your monthly cycle takes. To achieve this you will come to our clinic about three or four times during a single cycle.

During days 3 to 5 of your cycle we shall first test the blood levels of certain hormones and will check on the condition of your ovaries by means of an ultrasound examination.

Around days 10 to 12 the maturation of the ovum will be checked by testing hormone production and by ultrasound; we shall also check whether the build-up of the Endometrium and the formation of the cervical mucus both take place normally. During this period we may also check the interaction between the Sperm and the mucus; for this we examine the quality of the mucus and the number, motility and appearance of the Sperm the morning after sexual intercourse.
About a week after Ovulation we finally check the course of the luteal phase by testing hormone levels again.

After this control cycle has been completed and evaluated we shall advise you as to what further investigations are necessary or which form of treatment can commence during the next cycle.