Über uns

Our promise

We give you the security of accepting you as a person with all your fears and desires and guarantee you medical care and treatment based on the latest knowledge. As long-standing experts in the diagnosis and therapy of involuntary childlessness, we have the specialist knowledge and the necessary experience to identify the optimal treatment method for you. The focus is always on you and your individual needs.

Our claim

We are here for you. We advise, diagnose and treat you. With regard to the fulfilment of your desire to have children, all questions about general hormonal disorders - from puberty to menopause and as a certified endometriosis centre for the diagnosis and treatment of endometriosis.

Our location and facilities

We give your big wishes a lot of room: Our office located at the Ostpassage in Hanover-Langenhagen extends over 1400 square meters on two floors. This size allows us to offer you a comprehensive range of treatment methods in the field of fertility therapy. In addition to the pleasantly furnished treatment rooms, our office also includes an operating room and several laboratories. Thanks to a well-thought-out interior concept, you can always feel welcome and in good hands with us.

If your home is located to the east of Hannover, you can also pay our branch office in Wolfsburg a visit for some examinations. Ever since 2007 we have also been offering you excellent medical care and an experienced and sensitive team here.

For our international couples

Our office in Langenhagen (Hannover) is easy to get to because it is approximately 10 minutes away from the airport (Flughafen Hannover). There are also a number of hotels near our clinic.
We have staff members who speak English, French, Spanish, Polish, and more.
Please feel free to contact us via email if you need more information.


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