Testicular sperm extraction 

In some cases, the man's fertility disorder is so severe that only individual or no sperm threads can be found in the ejaculate because the vas deferens, congenitally or as a result of inflammation or surgery, are closed.

Unlike to a few years ago, we can help you in most cases before you as a couple have to deal with other alternatives such as sperm donation or adoption in order to be able to fulfill your wish to have a child.

Today it is possible, on one hand, to obtain sperm from the epididymal tubules by means of a surgical procedure (MESA). On the other hand, in the vast majority of cases, sperm can be found in a further step by taking testicular tissue samples and then using the subsequent sperm isolation (TESE) so that they can then be used for the ICSI procedure. The advantage of this method is that several smaller samples can be taken and freeze-preserved at the same time, so that sperm are available for several fertilization attempts with just one operation.

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