On the day after the egg retrieval, we check under the microscope which egg cells are preparing for the actual fertilization process; the egg cells are then in the so-called pronuclear stage. On this day, you will again be advised by us in your decision on how many egg cells you would like to further mature into an embryo (in Germany a maximum of three) and how many you would like to have temporarily freeze-preserved for a later treatment cycle.

After two to four days, when the constant division of the fertilized egg cell has resulted in an embryo in the multicellular stage, we transfer these embryos into the uterine cavity using a catheter. In support of this, luteal hormone treatment is carried out with vaginal suppositories (or, in rare cases, by injection). Twelve to 14 days after the transfer, and after an hCG test in your blood, we can tell you whether the desired pregnancy has occurred.

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