Andrology is the so-called men's medicine, which includes everything that has to do with male fertility and its disorders.

For you as a patient, it is of course primarily important why your partner does not become pregnant. One cause can be impaired sperm function. Unlike urologists and dermatologists, we create what is known as a functional sperm test.

In this way, we can not only assess the number, mobility and shape of sperm, but are also able to determine the exact number of fully functional sperm after a special preparation.

The current standard values are:
Ejaculate volume: > 1.5 ml
Sperm concentration: > 15 million / ml
Total concentration: > 39 million
Motility: > 32% progressive motile
Shape: > 4% normal shape

We will discuss the results of the sperm testing with you in person in our office or, if you wish, over the phone.

If you have an abnormal sperm analysis, we will first try to find out the causes of the sperm production disorder together with you. Causes can be based, for example, on your general state of health, your lifestyle, the use of medication or illnesses in the family. In addition, possible hormonal disorders, hereditary diseases and finally diseases in the genitals, e.g. undescended testicles  in childhood or adolescence, play a role as possible causes.

In some cases, it is advisable to carry out additional blood tests and / or a physical examination (palpation and ultrasound examination or, if necessary, to have a genetic analysis carried out by a genetic Doctor in order to uncover possible causes. Despite these elaborate examinations, the cause of the sperm production disorder cannot be fully clarified in a large number of patients. Therapy options have so far only been available for a small proportion of the disorders. Together with you, we will consider further steps and, if you wish, recommend a possible treatment (e.g. an intensified examination with your partner, insemination, IVF or IVF / ICSI).

Pregnancy rates among smokers are significantly lower than among non-smokers
[Translate to EN:] Hodentumore (helle Region – über den Pfeilen) können die Spermienproduktion einschränken.

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