Miscarriage diagnostics

Miscarriages (abortions) are the most common pregnancy complications. 10% to 50% of all determined pregnancies end prematurely, mostly as early abortions before the end of the twelfth week of pregnancy.

The causes of a miscarriage can be various: 

  • The most common deviations in the genetic material (so-called chromosome abnormalities) occur. Anatomical or autoimmune factors are also possible. In addition, hormonal  factors or blood clotting disorders may be present. In order to uncover the causes, we therefore use a wide range of examination options, individually tailored to you, such as a chromosome analysis or a uterine cavity specimen to exclude uterine changes. However, due to the variety of causes, no isolated specific cause can be found in up to 60% of couples today.

Based on the findings and results, we will advise you on a possible therapy and work with you to figure out the next steps.

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