Embryo-Glue is a special medium for embryo transfer, which is supposed to make it easier for the embryo to adhere to the uterine lining by means of biochemical signals. It is a culture medium specially developed for embryo transfer. The texture of the embryo glue is similar to the fluid released by the uterine lining and contains the important substance hyaluronan. The medium covers the embryo in a protective manner and, thanks to its "sticky" properties, supports creating contact between the embryo and the mucous membrane of the uterus.

To support scientific literature, an examination was carried out on 114 patients at the fertility center. IVF patients who had already had several unsuccessful IVF attempts or poor embryonic quality were included. As a result of this study, we can recommend the use of the Embryo Glue for the following indications:

  • Age > 35 and double implantation failure
  • Poor embryonic quality regardless of age

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