Samenspende (Donogene Insemination)

Investigations into the possible causes of childlessness can, in rare cases, also lead to the conclusion that the man is completely unable to conceive. Then it is especially important that you as a couple deal with this unexpected new situation - possibly with the feeling of disappointment, guilt or worthlessness, but also with the fear of possible consequences.

We are with you in this process so that you can make your own self-determined decision.

Thanks to the new Sperm Donation Act, which came into force in July 2018, 2 problems in particular have now been legally clarified:

1. Right to information for donor children

Anyone who suspects or was informed by their parents that they were conceived with the help of a sperm donation, can in future receive information from the sperm donor registry when they reach the age of 16. The sperm donation register is set up at the German Institute for Medical Documentation and Information (DIMDI for short) under the strictest data protection regulations. The data of the donors are kept for 110 years.

2. Sperm donors can no longer be identified as the legal father. This means: the previously theoretical and, to our knowledge, never occurred possibility of making custody, maintenance and inheritance claims against the sperm donor has been completely eliminated. The fact that maintenance claims arise from a sperm donation has so far been one of the predominant concerns of potential donor candidates and is now a thing of the past. The new law gives donor children the security of receiving information about their parentage and thus about their own identity from the central sperm donor register. So there are no legal risks in the way of sperm donors who help hoping couples and the intended parents to have happy children.

The law in full:*[@attr_id='bgbl117s2513.pdf']#__bgbl__//*[@attr_id='bgbl117s2513.pdf']__1576757015733


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