For some patients, good quality embryos are inserted multiple times, and still no pregnancy occurs. This repeated implantation failure (RIF) is a major problem because the therapy options are limited. In some women, an “overactive” immune system can be the cause of both habitual abortions (multiple consecutive miscarriages) and implantation failure. If the immune system has an increased proportion of natural killer cells, therapy with Intralipid can be a promising therapy option.

What is intralipid?

Intralipid is an intravenous, soybean oil-based herbal emulsion that was actually developed for artificial (intravenous) nutrition and has been used routinely for years in post-surgical aftercare, among other things. It does not contain any blood derivatives such as immunoglobulins.

What is the mechanism of action on the uterus?

The exact molecular mechanism of action is still unknown. Intralipid suppresses the activity of natural killer cells. In various studies it was shown that both the implantation and the live birth rate could be positively influenced by means of this therapy.

When is Intralipid used in IVF?

Any therapy should always be based on a diagnosis.

Possible indications:

  • increased rate of natural killer cells
  • repeated miscarriages or biochemical pregnancies with no demonstrable cause
  • Implantation disorders after embryo transfer

What can be measured?

  • Immunology: humoral / cellular immune status

Preliminary investigations

  • In addition to the above clarifications, we recommend that you: Have blood lipids and liver enzymes (transaminases) determined.
  • If not specified: Performing the infusions e.g., at the family doctor, in the fertility center or a day clinic.

Practical information on the infusion:

Intralipid is infused over approximately 120 minutes.

Time / frequency of infusions

The Intralipid does not work immediately. Therefore, the first infusion in the previous cycle should be started before the planned reproductive medicine treatment, the second infusion then takes place during the follicular puncture. In several studies it was shown that in 99% of the patients the natural killer cells were suppressed 1 week after the 2nd infusion.

In the event of a positive pregnancy test, the treatment can be continued every 4 weeks up to the 12th week of pregnancy, depending on the situation.

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