In-Vitro-Fertilization (IVF)

We advise our patients to use this method in numerous causes of unwanted childlessness, such as severe endometriosis or severe impairment of the partner's sperm cells.

However, this procedure is mostly used when there is a blockage of the fallopian tubes or a significant disturbance of the fallopian tube function.

The actual stimulation therapy is started around three days after the onset of bleeding. Usually, ovarian-stimulating hormones are injected several times a day and over a period of seven days (FSH, LH or a combination). Since this administration is completely uncomplicated, you as a patient can usually do it yourself or have it done by a relative or acquaintance without having to come to our office.

From the eighth day onwards, we can check whether there are enough follicular vesicles that have grown. If so, an hCG syringe is given to complete the egg maturation phase. 35-36 hours later we can perform the follicle puncture for you to collect the egg cells.

We do this on an outpatient(ambulant) basis and usually under anesthesia by means of an ultrasound-guided ovarian puncture through the vagina. The egg cells found are then brought together with a fixed number of highly mobile sperm cells and cultivated in an incubator.

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